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After Reading this Book You Will Fully Understand Why You Should Consider an Anti-inflammatory Diet and Will be Able to Start an Anti-inflammatory Diet in Your Own Life! The Health and Wellness Benefits Will Be Incredible! The BEST Anti-inflammatory Recipes and EXTREME Diet Plan Included! This book is intended to provide information and knowledge necessary to fully understand an anti-inflammatory diet. There are many health-related reasons why someone might need to eat on an anti-inflammatory diet. The first chapter of this book will touch briefly on those reasons, and explain how an anti-inflammatory diet can improve overall health. Readers may even come to realize that they need to try this type of diet for themselves. This book also outlines the most common trigger foods associated with inflammatory digestive problems. It explains why these foods can cause stomach issues, and provides a way for readers to connect the common trigger foods with others that they may never have even considered as problem foods before. The middle of this book is comprised of recipes. Here, readers can find thirty delicious recipes that fit within the confines of an anti-inflammatory diet. These recipes should prove that an anti-inflammatory diet is not, in fact, confining at all! Rather, it opens up many new possibilities for meal exploration. For readers who suffer from severe digestive inflammatory problems, this book also provides an extreme anti-inflammation diet outline. This diet should be followed for at least one week, and up to one month, depending on the type and severity of inflammation. It is used to clear out the bowels and “reset” the digestive system, all while providing a healthy and balanced diet. Finally, at the end of the book, a sample weekly meal plan and shopping list will be provided. This plan can be used by those who are planning to follow an anti-inflammatory diet as a springboard for future shopping ideas. To all who are reading in search of answers and help, good luck, and happy dieting! This is A Preview Of What You'll Learn… Why you should consider an anti-inflammatory dietCommon trigger foods for digestive inflammationDelicious anti-inflammatory recipesExtreme anti-inflammation dieting optionsand much, much more! Would You Like To Know More? Download your copy today! Take action NOW and download "Anti-Inflammatory Diet:30 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes and Diet Plans to Eliminate Pain” for a limited time discount of only $2.99! LIVE the life you want and start seeing results the moment you read this book! Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. © 2014 All Rights Reserved Tags: paleo kitchen, paleo girl, weight loss, lose weight, how to lose weight, extreme weight loss, what is ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet foods, lose weight optimally, best diet, ketogenic diet menu, ketogenic diet recipes, ketogenic diet plan, ketogenic diet weight loss, ketogenic food list, ketogenic recipes, ketogenic meal plan, ketogenic diet kindle, ketogenic diet books, ketogenic diet cookbook, bodybuilding, bodybuilding diets, ketogenic diet, ketogenic,optimal weight loss, paleo diet, low carb, low carb diet, paleo cookbook, paleo recipe book, paleo slow cooker, paleo diet cookbook, ketogenic diets, atkins diet, atkins diet recipes, atkins diet, atkins diet cookbook, anti inflammatory diet, anti inflammatory diet recipes, anti inflammatory recipes, anti inflammatory eating plan, anti inflammatory cookbook, anti inflammatory foods, anti inflammatory diet guide, anti inflammatory