Book Description

Preparation for each and every event creates an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Having a copy of Yiddish Events in your home will give you interesting new ideas what you can make yourself, what your kids can create, and how everyone can join together to make each and every Yom Tov a memorable event! Yiddish Events has clear, step-by-step instructions and over 120 full-colour photos, demonstrating how to make everything from incredible table-setting ideas to unique yet traditional Yom Tov foods, from crafting with kids of all ages to edible gifts for your loved ones. Whether you are in the kitchen cooking up a storm for the upcoming Yom Tov or wondering how to entertain the kids, you will always find the solution in Yiddish Events. Yiddish Events is a must-have handbook for every Jewish home... and it also makes an excellent gift idea!