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David Eugene Smith, Ph. D., LL. D. (1860-1944) was an American mathematician and educator. He practiced law for some years at his place of birth, then became professor in the Michigan State Normal College in 1891, the principal of the State Normal School at Brockport, N. Y. (1898), and professor of mathematics in Teachers College, Columbia University (1901). He was editor of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society; contributed to other mathematical journals; published a series of textbooks; translated Klein's Famous Problems of Geometry, Fink's History of Mathematics, and edited Augustus De Morgan's Budget of Paradoxes (1915). Louis Charles Karpinski (1878-1956) was an American mathematician. He was educated at Cornell University and in Europe at Strassburg. He also studied (1909- 1910) at Columbia, where he was a fellow and a university extension lecturer. He taught at Berea and at Oswego, New York at the Normal School there, and then accepted a position at Michigan where in 1919 he became full professor of mathematics. He was the author of The Hindu- Arabic Numerals, with D. E. Smith (1911), Unified Mathematics, with H. Y. Benedict and J. W. Calhoun (1913) and Robert of Chester's Latin Translation of the Algebra of Al-Khowarizmi (1915).