Book Description

From the Author Hi, everyone. My book's been out for a year and I didn't even know this section was here. Isn't that pathetic? It's never too late, right? When I was writing the book, I was actually sick of hearing myself talk, blah blah blah, but with a bit of distance, even I kind of like this book all over again. What can I promise you? It won't bore you. You'll learn something or other. The jewelry is grand. Seeing it and blissing out over it is cheaper than actually buying it (but if you can snag it all, more power to you). I think the book is a most delicious holiday gift, with more eye candy and info than the average sweater. And if you know someone in trouble as far as this atrocious, stinking economy goes, this gift could open up a whole new world for them. Jewelry is a lark to buy and sell, and I don't mean just for scrap gold. Don't you know someone who'd be enormously helped by being able to buy a piece of jewelry for $3 and selling it for $60? Happens ... all ... the ... time. The $75 purchase sold for $1500 is less common, but occurs often enough not to be an aberration. I hope my book can be the start of a beautiful or continuing relationship between you or someone you know ... and the fabulous world of jewelry. Read more From the Inside Flap There is no inside flap. Darn. My publisher does seem to like to spell jewelry in the English form, though: jewellery. Blimey. Read more See all Editorial Reviews