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Review 'Whether creating a jungle paradise with ... striking contrasts in size and color, planting a container for mixed varieties to drop into an existing landscape, punctuating an entrance, or framing a view, readers will find this an inspiring guide for building that lush look.' ?Sandra J. Sandefur, Perennial Notes, Winter 2006?. . . an engagingly written handbook ? covering everything from design to plant selection to winter maintenance ? that will help anyone who wants to create a convincing and pleasurable tropical look in their own northerly back-yard.? Read more Book Description If you love the lush, exotic look of tropical gardens, but don't live in a tropical climate, this indispensable reference comes to the rescue, revealing secrets every gardener needs to know to easily create a lush, flamboyant landscape. The author details over 500 tropical and subtropical plants that will survive and thrive in cooler climates, either in the garden or in containers that can be moved indoors before first frost. Read more See all Editorial Reviews