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From the Back Cover Learn to: Create a gorgeous chicken- friendly landscape Raise plants beneficial to you and your chickens Manage pests and predators Maintain a beautiful garden with chickens Chickens are great gardening assistants, with lots of benefits for a home garden and landscape ? from soil-building to managing pests and weeds. Gardening with Free-Range Chickens For Dummies provides step-by-step guidance for creating a gorgeous chicken-friendly landscape that helps the chickens and the garden thrive. Get started ? grasp the concept of gardening with chickens, understand how the two complement one another, and get your yard and family ready to welcome home your free-ranging flock How does your garden grow? ? get a grip on designing a chicken-friendly garden, from softscape and hardscape materials and garden structures to growing an edible landscape for you and your chickens Manage your flock ? discover everything you need to know about chicken behavior and training, how to handle changes in a flock, and ways to deal with predators, disease, parasites, old age, and death Open the book and find: The benefits of gardening with chickens Landscaping ideas and tips to use in your own garden The anatomy of a chicken coop How to create a layered plant landscape Popular edibles to grow Tips for training and managing your flock Ways to keep your flock safe from predators Common chicken diseases and parasites Read more About the Author Bonnie Jo Manion has been featured in national garden magazines with her gardens, organic practices, chickens, and designs. Follow Bonnie at Rob Ludlow is the owner of, a top source on chicken raising, and the coauthor of Raising Chickens For Dummies. Read more