Book Description

Would you like to know everything and learn more about Syrian Hamsters or Golden Hamsters as pets from their perspective? Crazy thought, right? This book covers all aspects of passionate Syrian Hamster, Golden Hamster and even Teddy Bear Hamster or Black Bear Hamster owners. Have you ever asked yourself how to care for and pamper a Syrian Hamster? Or have you wondered whether to keep your Syrian Hamster in a cage or aquarium? Are you still looking for a perfectly matching name for he or she? It contains all this! Including Syrian Hamsters habitat, food, shedding, feeding, diet, diseases and much more. This book is based on years of experience of keeping Syrian Hamsters. It’s written from the perspective of a curious Syrian Hamster – Little Fella - in an easy to read, understandable and charming style. Ms. Medvedoff is a story specialist with over over 10 years professional experience. Ms. Brecht is born and raised on a farm in Germany. When she's not reminiscing about her special friendships with Twinkle Toes, Emir and Blinky, she is working at a veterinary practice. In an honest, joyful and understandable way Little Fella covers everything for people who would like to keep or already own Syrian Hamsters. This book will be of great help to those who desire advice and a better understanding for your new or existing companion. For both: kids and adults.