Book Description

Planning a wedding? If so, you've probably found out how hard it can be, and you probably have a few questions. Questions such as: - How much will this wedding cost? - Do we really need a receiving line? - What's a "pull-away boutonniere"? - What's a "dummy wedding cake"? - What's the difference between a studio photographer and a wedding photographer? Diane Warner's Wedding Question and Answer Book is set up in a highly accessible and practical format and answers more than 100 of the most commonly asked questions about planning, etiquette, and budgeting, with hundreds more tips for creating the wedding you've always wanted. In addition to helping you manage all the intricacies of creating a perfect wedding, Diane Warner's Wedding Question and Answer Book offers a wealth of advice for saving money and finding the best deals for all your needs, including flowers, photography, music, decorations, and more.