Book Description

If you have ever dreamed about being a commercial or private pilot, you need this book. Aviation is a wonderful hobby as well as an incredible profession. This information will help help you save thousands off of your pilot training costs. The author details how to pay for your training as well as how to avoid the traps. This book has the censored information the bad guys don't want you to know! No one should attempt pilot training before reading this book. Ben Mandell is the Guardian Angel of Student Pilots. The author uses his experience to relay the issues and problems plaguing the flight school industry. Clearly there is a need for regulation and change. Not only has he had firsthand experience with the schools and run ins with organizations like NATA and AOPA, but he cares enough to gather forces and take a stand so other potential students do not go through the same headaches and loss of funds that he and many other students went through. Going so far as to enter the political realm to try to get regulations changed to protect students Ben is, no doubt creating a name for himself along the way. This book has valuable information about the order of ratings you need, reliable schools, software and flight simulators that will help those that are seeking a career as a pilot to achieve that dream. There's also information for teens that are interested in flying.