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Review 'Cohen tries to ease that transition by offering humorous insight and wisdom on subjects ranging from the titular naked roommate to drugs and alcohol use.' - Journal Star'A handy guide for those who may be starting college in the fall...Cohen does a great job of offering honest advice to young adults. He covers everything from the residence halls to study habits to friendships, money, drugs and alcohol.' - Ashland Daily Tidings'The essential tome for students preparing for life on campus...true stories add humor and and poignancy to the tips.' - Gatehouse News Service'This book for future college students includes upfront advice and tips on life in the residence hall, homesickness, roommates, friendship, college activities, Greek life, studying, relationships, drinking and drugs, money, sexual assault, and much, much more! These 500 pages include true stories from college students, tips, facts, and cautions for a comprehensive guidebook to college life. A handy index allows students to jump to the topic they need.' - Susan Heim on Parenting'In this update of the 2009 edition, an advice columnist for young people and their parents provides facts and tips on things not typically mentioned in college brochures such as homesickness and depression, naughty or nasty roommates, fraternities and sororities, drinking and drugs, and living on a student budget.' - BOOK NEWS'Harlan Cohen does an excellent job conveying all of the important aspects of college life in this easy to navigate book. He writes in such a way that the reader does not feel as though he or she just reading just another self-help book. Cohen utilizes stories from actual students, faculty and staff to carefully craft his fun and witty narratives and give real world examples for each chapter and section.' - NACAC'A humorous yet helpful look at what students should be prepared to encounter in college. From friendship issues to alcohol and drugs, this book tells students what to expect on campus and how to handle the bumps.' - Go Local Prov'Get the scoop on how to handle some of the issues you might encounter in college ? and get a good laugh' - Newsday'Sound advice for students gearing up for campus life. Issues range from humorous to serious, with useful stories and tips from students themselves.' - Sacramento Bee'His advice is honest and unprejudiced, delivered in a way that many students cannot get from other sources like family and friends, who might sugarcoat things in an attempt to calm nerves. Don't let the heftiness of the book scare you. Because it is a guidebook, it doesn't have to be read in order. Readers can take their time with it, knowing that it will be well spent.' - The Choice (NYTimes)'Harlan Cohen takes these classic issues and addresses them with loads of wit. From moving in to moving out, Cohen gives pre-collegiettes a comical, behind-the-scenes look at college. Once you read this prep book, you'll feel as if you've already been to college (without the experiences, pictures, and collegiette swag to prove it). ' - Her Campus'Speaking with a just-right mix of humor and authority, Cohen introduces newbie college students to the nitty-gritty of life on campus with advice on dealing with roommates (naked and otherwise), managing finances, going to (and missing) class, navigating the pitfalls of sex and drugs, and other important topics. ' - School Library Journal Read more About the Author Harlan Cohen's syndicated advice column for people in their teens and twenties, Help Me, Harlan!, is distributed by King Features Syndicate, and appears in papers such as the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and the Seattle Times. Harlan tours college campuses giving presentations to orientation groups. He lives in Chicago, IL. Read more