Book Description

About the Author Karolina Achirri has been living and teaching in Hangzhou, China since July 2010. She holds a Bachelor?s Degree in English Literature and a Master?s Degree in English Philology, specializing in British Literature. She has over 10 years teaching experience in different countries and on a variety of levels, from primary school to university. Karolina is familiar with Chinese culture and speaks Mandarin. She obtained the HSK4 Certificate in Chinese Language. She has cooperated with well-renowned schools including New Oriental, TEFL Academy, Strong International Group, Hangzhou Normal University and Hangzhou No 4 High School. Karolina?s teaching is characterized by a very professional approach combined with a willingness to assist younger teachers. Her teaching strengths are IELTS and TOEFL preparation, Literature classes, Advanced Grammar, Academic Writing, Pronunciation, etc. Additionally, Karolina speaks six languages, which facilitates understanding of her students. This book is a result of hours spent with Chinese students in and out of classroom settings. It meets with their biggest concerns and provides solutions to the critical writing and speaking as well as comprehension tasks that they might encounter during their IELTS testing. Read more