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Review ...Covering so much of the automotive development of the 20th century, of the important books of the 21st. -- Road & Track, September 2000...a scholarly and engrossing book...useful to all students of the period, especially those interested in automotive history... -- Sports Car Market, July 2000Book of the Month. -- Classic & Sports Car Magazine, June 2000If you love auto industry history, this book is a must have. -- Automotive Industries, August 2000Ludvigsen's view spans the entire history of the automobile... For any enthusiast who aspires to a similar perspective, ...required reading -- Autoweek, February 26, 2001Unlike most VW Beetle books, Ludvigsen has searched through previously unused archival material and interviewed many of the key people. -- Please enter a source for this review.Car News (Australia), October 27-November 9, 2000Well researched and well written...and well worth the money -- Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, June 2000 --This text refers to the Hardcover edition. Read more About the Author Karl Ludvigsen has a distinguished record of accomplishment at senior levels throughout the worldwide motor industry. He has received wide recognition for his work as an editor, journalist, historian and author. Not only has he been employed at senior levels with Ford of Europe, Fiat North America, and General Motors, but he has also been involved in editorial roles with Motor Trend magazine, Auto Age, and Sports Car Illustrated and Car and Driver. Ludvigsen is in demand from the press of North America and Europe as a source of information on industry trends, and he is a frequent speaker at conferences. Currently, Ludvigsen acts as Chairman of Ludvigsen Associates Limited (a consulting company), Managing Director of Euromotor Reports Limited and Director of Ludvigsen Library Limited. Read more