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Review INTRODUCTION. Safe Working Practices. Working As An Electricity/Electronics Technician. CIRCUIT FUNDAMENTALS AND BASIC TEST EQUIPMENT. Voltage, Current and Resistance.Circuits. Voltmeters. Ammeters. Ohmmeters. VEHICLE CIRCUITS. Circuits That Do Work. Analyzing Series Circuits. Analyzing Parallel Circuits. Series-Parallel Circuits. Control Circuits. Diagnosing Open Circuits. Diagnosing Short Circuits. Servicing Open and Short Circuits. DIGITAL STORAGE OSCILLOSCOPE (DSO) USE. Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. DSO Trigger and Slope. Reading and Interpreting a DSO Pattern. Using a Current Probe With a DSO. Using the DSO's Multiple Trace Capability. ELECTRONIC FUNDAMENTALS. Solid State Devices. Electronic Control Input Devices. Diagnosing and Servicing Electronic Control Input Devices. Integrated Circuits As Input Devices. Diagnosing and Servicing Integrated Circuits. Oxygen Sensors. Diagnosing and Servicing Oxygen Sensors. WIRING DIAGRAMS. Wiring Diagram Symbols. Using the Wiring Diagram As a Service Tool. BATTERIES. Automotive Batteries.Diagnosing Batteries. Servicing Batteries. STARTING SYSTEMS. Starting Systems. Solenoid Shift Starters. Diagnosing and Servicing Solenoid Shift Starting Systems. Positive Engagement Starters. Diagnosing and Servicing Positive Engagement Starting Systems. Gear Reduction Starters. Diagnosing Gear Reduction Starters. Starter Controls. Diagnosing Starting Controls. Starting System Servicing. CHARGING SYSTEMS. Charging System Overview. Field circuits. Diagnosing and Servicing the Charging System. IGNITION SYSTEMS. Secondary Ignition. Servicing the Secondary Ignition System. Primary Ignition System. Diagnosing and Servicing Distributed Primary Ignition Systems. Distributorless Ignition Secondary Circuits. Diagnosing and Servicing Secondary Ignition On a Distributorless System. Distributorless Ignition Primary Circuits. Diagnosing and Servicing the Primary Circuit on a Distributorless. ACCESSORIES. Lighting Circuits. Diagnosing Lighting Circuits. Defogger, Horn, and Windshield Wiper Circuits. Diagnosing Defogger, Horn and Windshield Wiper Circuits. Motor Driven Accessories. Diagnosing Motor Driven Accessories. Read more About the Author Al Santini has over 35 years of experience teaching automotive electronics, including 22 years as an instructor at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Mr. Santini currently teaches technician classes on vehicle emissions, including OBD-II. In addition to holding a master's degree in technical education and ASE certification, he is an active member of the Society of Automotive Testers (SAT), the Illinois College Automotive Instructor's Association (ICAIA) and the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), where he has been a member for 28 years. Read more