Book Description

From the Back Cover 'We send probes into deep space to listen to alien worlds. But alien worlds aren't always that far away.' ?Reed Ghazala Alien music could be inside that old Speak & Spell at your neighbor's yard sale. Circuit-bending sets it free. Start turning throw-away audio electronics into magical music engines and discover a freedom of expression that comes straight from your dreams. All you need to know about electronics is how to solder?an how to read these instructions from the guy who accidentally started it all. Limitations? Only your imagination. Inside you'll find detailed instructions for turning ANY circuit you find into an alien music engine overnight, along with never before revealed secrets to bent instruments including: Incantor Cool Keys Casio SK-1 Casio SA-2 Harmonic Window Phone Toys Casio SK-60 Realistic MT140 Casio SA-5 The Electronic Womb Casio Sax Particle Bays Write with Light Rap Rhythm Mall Madness Read more About the Author Reed Ghazala developed the technique of circuit-bending in 1967, following the chance encounter of a transistorized amplifier with an unidentified object in his desk drawer. He can often be found writing music, sculpting, taking photos, hunting mushrooms, building things that fly, or indulging in other creative pursuits as befits a true Renaissance man. Read more