Book Description

About the Author A native of York, Pennsylvania, Robert L. Frey is currently professor of history and dean of the college at Wilmington College in Virginia. Bob has been interested in railroads since his father took him to the railroad station in York, to watch the western parade of passenger trains during World War II. In addition to his love for full sized railroads, Bob is an avid HO model railroader. Lorenz P. Schrenk, a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a member of the headquarters staff of Honeywell. He holds a bachelor s degree in history from the George Washington University and an MA and PhD degree in experimental psychology from Ohio State University. A long standing interest in railraod history led Larry to found and edit a newsletter for fans of the famed Colorado Midland Railway for seven years. He then turned his attention to a railroad that once ran closer to home the Northern Pacific. As a trained researcher, he has especially enjoyed the many contacts with fellow rail enthusiasts. Read more