Book Description

While the White House and the Pentagon continue to study gay men and women serving in the US military, the gay service members continue to fight in silence. Their stories need to be told. Unfortunately the country in which they have chosen to serve and protect silences these men and women. They continue to serve with honor even though the law of Don't Ask, Don't Tell strips them from simple dignities and devalues their service everyday it is enforced. In face of this discrimination, we have silent heroes coming out to tell their stories. This photo project is one way for these men and women to have a voice in the national debate, which their freedoms are at stake. They do not wish to loose their careers and they do not wish to bring discredit upon the military. They only wish to be given the same treatment as their straight comrades. They hope to finally abide by a new law that would finally allow them the dignity to uphold the fundamental values of honesty and integrity as they continue to serve. This project is meant to associate the humanity of this debate and to create a visual for those to understand what it means to serve in the closet.