Book Description

About the Author Blayne Cooper currently resides in the Midwest with her loving spouse and two small children. She?s the author or co-author of a variety of fiction ranging from mystery/romance to outrageous parody. She loves travel, reading and spending long, sleepless nights crouched over her computer in search of the perfect words that will make people laugh or weep uncontrollably. She?s still looking, but having a great time on the journey. Ryan Daly is a mild mannered corporate lawyer by day who loves absurdity. Fortunately, the entertainment industry is full of it these days so she is constantly amused. (It?s full of a lot of things, actually, but that?s another novel.) Her greatest goal in life is to be forced to stop working so she can count all of her money. You can help by having a copy of Castaway in each room of your house. Be sure to have individual copies for each member of your family in the bathroom, otherwise it?s a little ucky. Read more