Book Description

Bancroft is an excellent storyteller from a family where storytelling is steeped in tradition. Even though this particular chain of events may be considered inappropriate and consequently was not previously shared with the clan, the ability to tell a good tale and weave a good yarn was as valued and appreciated at family reunions as the talent and skill necessary to fill an inside straight?though not as profitable.??The five-year stories may be a little off color or raise an eyebrow or two, but they are usually glossed over because, after all that was FIVE YEARS AGO.??The ten-year stories may, or may not, involve the police, but at least no EXTENDED jail time was served as they did find most of their clothes in time.??The twenty-year tales involve stolen boyfriends and missing jewelry and unidentified underwear. Cool-down periods for some folk may be indicated.??Thirty-year sagas last a little longer. They have a little more intrigue and can involve multiple participants (jointly or separately) and are sometimes more public than need be.??These tales told here are FORTY-year stories. So, in most cases, the people who were actually involved either won?t remember them or are already gone. But, just in case, before you start reading, you might want to get a bucket of ice, a handsome glass and crack open that nice single-malt bottle of Scotch that you?ve been saving. I?m not saying...I?m just saying.??So, while exaggeration and the blending of truths is not necessarily on purpose, the melding of ideas is sometimes inescapable. Far be it for us to let truth stand in the way of a good story and consider this a collection of recollections. Read more