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Review I really, sincerely, wholeheartedly recommend The Narrow Way by Chris Lemig. Buy yourself two copies: one for you, one for a friend...-Karen Maezen Miller, author of Mama Zen: Walking The Crooked Path of Motherhood.In The Narrow Way, Chris Lemig fearlessly slams his cinematic memoir down on your altar. He may go to India but this ain't Eat, Pray, Love. The Narrow Way demands you face the great secret: You cause your own suffering, but there's hope. Don't wait for the movie. Read this book!-Clayton Gibson, Founder of MyOutSpirit.comIn?The Narrow Way,?Chris Lemig reveals with poetic courage a life of struggle and suffering. There are no rounded corners here, just the author's bare, scarred innards. There is, however, a clear vision of a journey that must continue, and we are left rooting for Lemig as he adamantly wills together the broken pieces of his life.-Allan Lokos, author of Pocket Peace: Effective Practices For Enlightened LivingEssential reading for those who are part of this modern age.-Tanya McGinnity, FullContactEnlightenment.comChris's remarkable story not only portrays the hell realms of closeted homosexuality?and addiction but also the healing and awakening made possible through his?courageous immersion into Buddhist teachings and culture.-?Tara Brach, Ph.D.,? Author of?Radical Acceptance?and?True RefugeThe Narrow Way is the beautifully written and profound account of the difficult path Chris Lemig took to discover that we are all deserving of love and capable of true freedom. We can all find ourselves in, and benefit from, his journey.-Sharon Salzberg Read more From the Back Cover '...a moving testimony of powerful individual transformation happening in deep conversation with the Buddhadharma.' David Gardiner, Professor of Buddhist Studies, Colorado College. Read more See all Editorial Reviews