Book Description

El muro by Eduardo Hern?ndez Santos is ten triptych photographs documenting the Cuban LGBTQ community. Eduardo Hern?ndez Santos made these photographs of homosexuals, transgenders and crossdressers in the summer of 2005 at Havana?s seafront wall. Working only at night, Hern?ndez developed his film with expired chemicals and printed his images on outdated photo paper. His darkroom was his bedroom. Once Hern?ndez made his prints, he used transfer lettering to literally press onto his images the words of the late gay Cuban poet and playwright, Virgilio Pi?era.El muro by Eduardo Hern?ndez Santos is ten offset triptych photographs and two bilingual essays by the artist and by Cuban ethnographer Abel Sierra. The photographs and text are printed on luminous, mica coated paper. Three sheets of translucent magenta paper separate the photographs and essays. El Muro is 9' x 13.5' opening to 20'. The structure of the book is semi-concealed wire-o binding serving the original triptych design. The edition is 1200 copies. A deluxe edition of 50 includes a signed copy of El Muro and two pigmented-ink portraits signed on verso in a clamshell box.?The central pages of this edition show these night creatures in action: dark painted nails, leather handles, lots of glam, fishing nets, even gothic, heavy made-up lips, earrings and piercings everywhere- getting stopped (by the wall itself). A girl carries her purse in her hand; another one has generous lips, almond-shaped eyes made up with kohl and well-defined cheeks.'La Habana Elegante ? Review, Jos? Quiroga, Emory University Read more