Book Description

Voices from a Chorus, draws on compelling conversations with members and friends of the Gay Men?s Chorus of Washington, D.C., (?the Chorus?), one of the largest and most prominent gay choruses in the United States. Told through the perspective of a woman who served on the Chorus?s board of directors, Voices from a Chorus uncovers how through participating in the Chorus, men overcame challenges with their sexual orientation, their families, their friends, substance abuse, and with living with HIV/AIDS. The music and camaraderie of the Chorus changed men?and in some instances?saved lives. Through the poignant interviews, including an interview with the first openly gay Episcopalian bishop, V. Gene Robinson, a longtime supporter of the Chorus and recipient of the Chorus?s highest award, she learned about the difficult realities of being a gay man in a straight world. Voices from a Chorus, a book to be shared by all kinds of communities?gay and straight? is a tapestry of stories and reflections that impart moving insights about music, understanding and acceptance.Paula Bresnan Gibson has a B.A. in political science, a M.A. in liberal studies and a J.D. in law. After working in the legal profession for some years, she is pursuing her lifelong dream of writing books that invite readers into other ways of seeing and thinking. Read more