Book Description

Review The authors of this caring and insightful book thread their way through obstacles to nourishment parent and child offer each other, as age takes its toll and opens new pathways. (Michael Eigen, Ph.D., author of Flames From the Unconscious: Trauma, Madness, and Faith and Feeling Matters) In their book, Ball-Teplin & Kaplan demonstrate that individuals and families can change their relationships even in the latter years of life. Their case studies show that using a variety of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy, even the very old can reconcile with their loved ones. (Ruth Nemzoff, Ed.D., author of Don't Bite Your Tongue: How to Foster Rewarding Relationships with Your Adult Children.) Read more About the Author Carol Teplin, a licensed counselor, and Barbara Kaplan, a clinical psychologist, have worked primarily with seniors. Both share a passion for expressing the needs of this population. Read more