Book Description

Review [Dreher] synthesizes a vast amount of research on brain-body connections. (Arnold Brown Future Survey)This comprehensive and provocative book fills an unmet need in documenting the current status of the science of mind-body medicine. (Clair A. Francomano, M.D., National Institute of Aging)Our thoughts and feelings have profound effects on basic biological processes as well as long-term physical health. Henry Dreher's artistically written, landmark book, Mind-Body Unity: A New Vision for Mind-Body Science and Medicine, explores how this is possible. Dreher deftly explains how both major and minor diseases are influenced by our social and psychological worlds. This is the best book I have seen on the topic in the last fifty years. (James W. Pennebaker, The University of Texas at Austin)In this masterful overview of mind-body medicine, Henry Dreher weaves together many strands?from scientific, humanistic, and spiritual domains?to provide a rigorous and thoughtful synthesis of mind-body science and medicine's capacity to heal both body and soul. (Redford B. Williams, M.D., Duke University)Henry Dreher is one of our great healing resources. In these clear and comprehensive essays he shows us the science and social context and guides us to the heart and soul of mind-body medicine. (James S. Gordon, M.D., Director, Center for Mind-Body Medicine and Former Chairman, White House Commission on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Policy) Read more About the Author Henry Dreher, a science and health writer based in New York City, has written numerous books, including The Immune Power Personality: Seven Traits You Can Develop to Stay Healthy and coauthor of Healing Mind, Healthy Woman and The Type C Connection: The Mind-Body Links to Cancer and Your Health. Read more