Book Description Review The mind-body connection can be felt perhaps most dramatically when it comes to the immune system. The difference between suffering from a miserable cold for a week as opposed to a day, says health reporter Norman D. Ford, is often determined by the mind. He says more serious health problems, from heart disease to cancer, can also be prevented or alleviated with his '18 Immune Boosters,' which include eating the right amount of protein (too much may hinder the immune response) and simply having a laugh a day. Ford prefaces his 18 steps with an overview of the workings of the immune system, and he does get a bit technical at times (you'll learn the differences between interleukin-1, -2, and -3; between helper, suppressor, and killer T cells; and between hormones, neuropeptides, and neurotransmitters). But this is your health we're talking about here, and knowing how this all fits together is empowering and fits into Ford's focus: 'immune-destroying habits--from sedentary living to being overweight to eating a high-fat diet or not getting enough sleep--are all things over which we have direct personal control.' Supercharge Your Immunity is a fine and potentially life-changing guide to a fascinating topic. Read more