Book Description

Relationship Transformation is a direct path to the most important discovery you can make: a new view of relationship as a bond between two people who are free, whole, and connected. Mining the gold from Jerry Duberstein’s forty years as a therapist, Jerry and Mary Ellen Goggin show readers how to honor their separate selves while building joyful lifelong relationships.Deep down, most people yearn for a committed relationship that gives them enough space to feel free and enough security to feel safe and loved. The premise — you can have your cake and eat it too — embraces individual freedom, personal control, and self-realization. But while our need for freedom is strong, our desire for deep connection with another person is equally powerful. With clear instruction, case studies, and guided reflections, the authors help you understand how you got where you are now and what you can do to strengthen your relationship. You get front-row access to the interior lives of couples—their pain and struggle, their conflicting emotions and desires, and their courage to work things out.Step by step, Relationship Transformation shows you how to gain awareness of what drives you, what holds you back, and how you can re-envision your relationship and move forward to fulfilling and lasting love.