Book Description

This maternity text prepares students to fully meet the needs of today's clients, and to master the challenges of contemporary maternity nursing practice. Significant emphasis is placed on women's health, encompassing violence against women, health problems, sexual health and family planning. A heightened family focus centers on family members, education and interaction with the infant. And Maternity Nursing introduces readers to the issues they're likely to encounter in actual nursing practice, including addictive disorders in pregnancy, adolescent pregnancy, and infectious diseases. New to the 18th Edition: Objectives tell students what to expect and provide a framework for learning / Key Terms highlight commonly used terminology / Summary Points outline important information in a concise format / Critical Thinking Questions encourage creative and alternative ways of thinking and stim ulate interest / New photos and figures enhance learning / Procedures including action and rationale give meaning to each step / Case histories make care plans clinically relevant / Assessment Guidelines give direction in assessing patient health and planning interventions / Nursing Guidelines present proper protocol / Client Education Boxes guide nurse-patient interaction / Client Teaching Guidelines direct students in teaching patients self-care / Research Highlights -- now followed by NEW critiques -- keep students in step with ongoing advances and opinions / Student interactive disk containing NCLEX-style questions