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Review Not content to limit its subject matter to battles only, The Concise Encyclopedia of the Revolutions and Wars of England, Scotland, and Ireland contains entries on people, places, religious and social groups, events, weapons, legislation, and more. Manganiello has crafted an encyclopedia that lives up to its name; it is at once concise and succinctly detailed. The entries in the encyclopedia range from a paragraph to a few pages in length, but all are remarkably thorough in their coverage....Though detailed works concentrating on the various topics covered in this encyclopedia are readily available, this work is one-stop shopping at its best....the succinct information contained in this comprehensive encyclopedia makes it an essential addition for academic libraries....this book is highly recommended for those seeking succinct information on the English Civil War and the following periods up to the Restoration. (Reference Reviews)Numerous black-and-white illustrations show places, battle formations, weapons, armor, colors, flags, and Parliamentarian dress. Manganiello provides extensive lists of army personnel and navy ships... (CHOICE)Hundreds of maps and an appendix on naval vessels make this an essential guide for students. (Zentralblatt f?r Geologie und Pal?ontologie)...presents articles averaging about half a page on people, battles, weapons, political statements and other documents, institutions, and other matters relating to the series of conflicts pitting parliament and crown, or perhaps Protestants and Catholics, or the mercantile and landowning classes, or Medieval and Modern theories and methods of warfare. The biographical entries identify birth and death dates and places if they are known, official positions, and such information as nicknames; then narrate the person's role and significance in the wars. Maps are provided for each battle entry. (Reference and Research Book News) Read more About the Author Stephen C. Manganiello is a military historian and an avid war gamer. Read more