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Review (starred review)With an eye to increasing an understanding of the Irish experience, sidebars give specific genealogical case studies, fascinating historical tidbits, and neighborhood sketches by artists like William Thackeray. Filled with stunning photographs and document reproductions, this book is a vital addition to any genealogical collection. (Starred Reviews 2009 Feature Library Journal)Whether you have some idea of how and where your ancestors lived or at a total loss about how to start your search, renowned genealogist Anthony Adolph shows you how to unravel your Irish family history generation by generation and how to unlock your search when the trail goes cold. Peppering his text are compelling, humorous and often moving stories that illustrate what others have discovered in their journey. Tracing Your Irish Family History gives you an expert helping hand in retracing your family's past, and includes. Anthony Adolph describes in detail how to process step by step, source by source, through your genealogical search, illustrating the process with real-life examples along the way. ( Your Irish Family History is an ideal jump off point for any budding genealogist, giving professional tips on how to locate family information in Ireland, including in the county archives, tax rolls, censuses, religious and civil registers, as well as many other sources. Guided by Adolph, who is himself a genealogist, he gives good advice on how to search the records in the U.S. and Canada and further afield. The book's main achievement is its compelling layout and accessibility, but behind that is the author's deep knowledge of the nation and its history. ( 2009-05-21)The basic rules of family history research apply to just about every country.... But there are many variations on the formula, which is why it's important to have a book that is specific to your country of origin... [This book is] well written and lavishly illustrated, so it's possible to find something of interest on almost any page.... Fun fact from the book: Zorro was Irish. (Dave Obee The National Post 2009-08-15)If you're willing to do a little digging, genealogist and author Anthony Adolph offers his expertise on how to access information in Ireland.... The book also includes useful tips on finding resources outside Ireland and on the internet. (Liz Grogan Good Times)Shows you how to unravel the story of your Irish roots.... An excellent resource for directing your research and putting it in an authentic historical context. (Family Chronicle)Of all the how-to books I have ever seen, Adolph's are the most beautiful... One can easily learn the basics for researching in Scotland and/or Ireland from Adolph's new works but more important, become truly informed on the historical background of these countries and ultimately learn why certain records were created and how they can be accessed. Photographs of ancient ruins as well as the charming countryside make one want to visit one's homeland, whether it is Scotland or Ireland! (Joan Griffis, Illinois Ancestors The News Gazette (Champaign, IL) 2009-05-01) Read more About the Author Anthony Adolph is a professional genealogist, writer and broadcaster. He has written many articles for the genealogical press and appeared on the Discovery Channel's Ancestor Hunters. Ryan Tubridy is a leading TV personality in the UK. Read more See all Editorial Reviews