Book Description

Review This guide for general readers explains how to research Welsh family history \and find info on ancestors from Wales. The book overviews the steps of a family history project and looks at Welsh surnames and place names. It then identifies and describes major resources such as archives, civil records, parish registers, church and school records, tax and court records, birth and death records, and military records. Each chapter lists many web sites. The book contains b&w photos of places, news papers, and documents, plus 20 pages of appendices listing contacts for many records offices, archives, and family history centers in Wales. (Protoview) Read more About the Author Beryl Evans is Research Services Manager at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth and has been researching Welsh family history for thirty years. She is a member of the executive committees of the Federation of Family History Societies and the Association of Family History Societies of Wales, and she is chairman of the Cardiganshire Family History Society. She has contributed to television and radio programmes on family history and to magazines and journals in the field. Read more