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From the Back Cover EARN COLLEGE CREDIT WITH CLEP ? GET THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE ON THE MARKET TODAY! CLEP History of the United States I ? Early Colonizations to 1877 The Most Complete CLEP History of the U.S. I Subject ReviewEverything you need to know for the CLEP History of the United States I exam. Comprehensive review chapters completely align with all the subjects tested on the exam. The Best CLEP History of the United States I Practice Exams Available3 full-length CLEP History of the U.S. I practice tests based on official CLEP exam questions released by the College Board. Total Explanations of Questions & AnswersEach CLEP History of the U.S. I practice test comes with detailed feedback on every question. We don?t just say which answers are right ? but why the others are wrong ? so you?ll be prepared for the CLEP History of the U.S. I exam. Proven Test-Prep MethodsREA?s focused content and practical advice have helped millions succeed on their exams. 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Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. About Research & Education AssociationResearch & Education Association (REA) is an organization of educators, scientists, and engineers specializing in various academic fields. Founded in 1959 with the purpose of disseminating the most recently developed scientific information to groups in industry, government, high schools, and universities, REA has since become a successful and highly respected publisher of study aids, test preps, handbooks, and reference works. REA's Test Preparation series includes study guides for all academic levels in almost all disciplines. Research & Education Association publishes test preps for students who have not yet completed high school, as well as high school students preparing to enter college. Students from countries around the world seeking to attend college in the United States will find the assistance they need in REA's publications. 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They are well-known in their respective disciplines and serve on the faculties of prestigious high schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States and Canada.Chapter 1: ABOUT THE CLEP HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES IABOUT THIS BOOK AND TESTwareThis book provides you with comprehensive preparation for the CLEP History of the United States I Computer-Based Test, or CBT. Inside you will find a concise review of college algebra, as well as tips and strategies for test-taking. We give you three full-length REA practice tests, all based on the official CLEP History of the United States I CBT. Our practice tests contain every type of question that you can expect to encounter on the CLEP CBT. Following each practice test you will find an answer key with detailed explanations designed to help you more completely absorb the test material.All 34 CLEP exams are computer-based. As you can see, the practice tests in our book are presented as paper-and-pencil exams. The content and format of the actual CLEP subject exams are faithfully mirrored. We detail the format of the CLEP History of the United States I CBT on pages 4-5.The practice tests in this book and software package are included in two formats: in printed form in this book, and in TESTware format on the enclosed CD. We recommend that you begin your preparation by first taking the practice exams on your computer. The software provides timed conditions, automatic scoring, and scoring information, all of which makes it easier to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.ABOUT THE EXAMWho takes CLEP exams and what are they used for?CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) examinations are usually taken by adults who have acquired knowledge outside the classroom and wish to bypass certain college courses and earn college credit. The CLEP Program is designed to reward students for learning - no matter where or how that knowledge was acquired. The CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the country, with more than 2,900 colleges and universities granting credit for satisfactory scores on CLEP exams.Although most CLEP candidates are adults returning to college, many graduating high school seniors, enrolled college students, and international students also take the exams to earn college credit or to demonstrate their ability to perform at the college level. There are no prerequisites, such as age or educational status, for taking CLEP examinations. However, because policies on granting credits vary among colleges, you should contact the particular institution from which you wish to receive CLEP credit.Most CLEP examinations include material usually covered in an undergraduate course with a similar title to that of the exam (e.g. History of the United States I). However, five of the exams do not deal with subject matter covered in any particular course but rather with material taken as general requirements during the first two years of college. These general exams are English Composition (with or without essay), Humanities, College Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and History.Who develops and administers the exams?The CLEP CBTs are developed by the College Entrance Examination Board, administered by Educational Testing Service, and involves the assistance of educators from across the United States. The test development process is designed and carried out to ensure that the content and difficulty of the test are appropriate to the college level.When and where is this exam given?The CLEP History of the United States I exam is administered each month throughout the year at approximately 1,400 test centers in the U.S. and can be arranged for candidates abroad on request. To find the test center nearest you and to register for the exam, you should obtain a copy of the free booklets CLEP Colleges and CLEP Information for Candidates and Registration Form. They are available at most colleges where CLEP credit is granted, or by contacting:CLEP ServicesP.O. Box 6601Princeton, NJ 08541-6601Phone: (609) 771-7865Fax: (609) 771-7088Website: http://www.collegeboard.comHow to Use this BookWhat do I study first?Read over the course review and the suggestions for test-taking. Then use the first practice test as a diagnostic to determine your area(s) of weakness. Once you find out where you need to spend more time, focus your efforts on those specific problem areas. To reinforce your facility with the subject matter, we advise keeping at your side a college-level textbook that covers the appropriate material.To best utilize your study time, follow our Independent Study Schedule, which you'll find in the front of this book. The schedule is based on a four-week program, but can be condensed to two weeks if necessary by collapsing each two-week period into a single week.When should I start studying?It's never too early to start studying for the CLEP History of the United States I exam; the earlier you begin, the more time you will have to sharpen your skills. Do not procrastinate! Cramming is not an effective way to study, since it does not allow you the time needed to learn the test material. The sooner you learn the format of the exam, the more time you will have to familiarize yourself with it.Format and Content of the CLEP CBTThe CLEP History of the United States I covers the period of American History from the Spanish and French colonizations to the end of Reconstruction. The primary emphasis of the exam is on the English colonies and the early period of the nationhood. There are 120 multiple-choice questions, each with five possible answer choices, to be answered in 90 minutes. The approximate breakdown of topics is as follows:35% - Political institutions and behavior and public policy25% - Social developments10% - Economic developments15% - Cultural and intellectual developments15% - Diplomacy and international relationsApproximately one-third of the questions focus on the period from 1500 to 1789, while the rest deal with the period from 1790 to 1877.ABOUT OUR COURSE REVIEWThe history review in this book covers all major events and historical figures from the early Spanish and French colonizations up to Reconstruction. The review is divided into seven major time periods:1. The Colonial Period (1500-1763)2. The American Revolution (1763-1787)3. The United States Constitution (1787-1789)4. The New Nation (1789-1824)5. Jacksonian Democracy and Westward Expansion (1824-1850)6. Sectional Conflict and the Causes of the Civil War (1850-1860)7. The Civil War and Reconstruction (1860-1877)When will I receive my score report?The test-center administrator will print out a full Candidate Score Report for you immediately upon your completion of the CBT. Your scores are reported only to you, unless you ask to have them sent elsewhere. If you wish to have your scores reported to a college or other institution, you must say so when you take the examination. Since your scores are kept on file for 20 years, you can also request transcripts from Educational Testing Service at a later date.STUDYING FOR THE CLEP CBTIt is crucial for you to choose the time and place for studying that works best for you. Some students set aside a certain number of hours every morning, while others choose to study at night before going to sleep. Only you can determine when and where your study time will be most effective. But be consistent and use your time wisely. Work out a study routine and stick to it!When you take our practice tests, try to make your testing conditions as much like the actual test as possible. Turn off the television or radio, and sit down at a quiet table or desk free from distraction. Make sure to time yourself. Start off by setting a timer for the time that is allotted for each section, and be sure to reset the timer for ... Read more