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Review ?A remarkable book explaining in poignant fashion why we are unable to marshal the necessary emotional resources to compete against the challenge of radical Islam. For anyone interested in the civilizational struggle we find ourselves in, this book is essential reading. (Herbert I. London, president, Hudson Institute)?Brilliantly exposes and analyzes the true factors at work that have led the American body politic to engage in massive self-deception, refusing to recognize the extent of the threat of radical Islam. Siegel dissects and articulates the true reasons why we have, wittingly and unwittingly, turned a blind eye to the magnitude of the three different 'levels' of threat posed by Islamism as described here. I consider this book so critically important that it holds a key to our survival as a free society. Siegel pierces the fa?ade of political correctness that has blinded us to the dangers we face and warns us of what awaits if we fail to act. (Steven Emerson, Executive Director, The Investigative Project on Terrorism)Willful blindness, today's refusal to come to grips with the Islamist threat to the West, is America's most profound national security vulnerability. Supremacist Islam's campaign has targeted the United States by violent jihad, a softer and more insidious march through our institutions, and lawfare salvos fired in American courts and international tribunals. Desperate to avoid offense to Islamist activists and their allies, we surrender to the politically correct narrative that the vital measures taken in our own defense are the cause of our peril. The Control Factor powerfully unfolds this process of self-delusion and the struggle to remove the scales we've placed over our eyes. Survival of the West's freedom culture ? our commitment to critical inquiry based ordered liberty and human reason ? hangs in the balance. (Andrew C. McCarthy, bestselling author of Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad and The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the West Sabotage America) Read more About the Author Bill Siegel is a lawyer and a former executive at various public and private companies. He is a producer of several documentary films and assists numerous non-profit organizations. Read more