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Review ?Elegant and engaging, wide-ranging and wise.?? ?John Hirst?Sparkles with wit and intelligence . . . the scholarship is most impressive.?? ?Henry Reynolds, historian and author, Fate of a Free People?Elegantly written and powerfully argued. . . . The Lamb Enters the Dreaming provides a new way of looking at a crucial aspect of Australian colonial history in a way that is truly original, surprising, and profound.?? ?The judges of the 2008 Prime Minister's Prize for Australian History?A startling new history . . . an immense contribution to reconciliation consciousness in our 21st-century Australia.?? ?Rhys Isaac, Pulitzer Prize?winning historian, The Transformation of Virginia, 1740?1790 Read more About the Author Robert Kenny is a poet, an author, and a fellow at the Australian Center at the University of Melbourne. He is also an Australian Research Council research fellow at La Trobe University. Read more