Book Description

Back in print for the first time in fifteen years, 'Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles Last Concert' (Retrofuture Products) features the stunning images of noted music photographer Jim Marshall. On August 29, 1966, Marshall was granted an unprecedented opportunity to document the Beatles third and last visit to San Francisco. No one, except the group and a few trusted insiders, knew this would be the last concert. Marshall took full advantage of his backstage and onstage access and, with his trusty Leica in tow, captured the four Beatles relaxing, smiling, posing for photographs and finally performing. Author Eric Lefcowitz ('The Monkees Tale') researched the circumstances surrounding the Beatles tumultuous last tour of America, interviewing Joan Baez and her sister Mimi Fariņa, who were invited guests, Vern Miller who played in the warm up band the Remains, soundman Mort Feld and several other witnesses to the event. Several fascinating articles by noted journalist Ralph J. Gleason are also reprinted. This softcover 104-page edition is available in a limited run. Read more