Book Description

About the Author A designer and artist, David Kalvitis has a fine arts degree from Syracuse University where he studied editorial design, painting and photography. He has operated a graphic design business in Upstate New York since 1987. David is a lifelong fan of puzzles and games of all kinds, and has spent many hours both playing games and designing them. He is pleased to release his products to the public, and hopes they will be fun and relaxing for people of all ages. A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Connect-the-dot puzzles are a fun, quiet activity that I always enjoyed as a child. As an adult, I found that all the books available were for young children just learning their numbers, with drawings that gave away the final pictures. Being a lifelong puzzle fan, I thought it would be fun to design a sophisticated and challenging dot-to-dot book for older kids. My objective was to create a magical dot-to-dot experience, not only by increasing the numbers and image quality, but also by inventing new and refreshing ways of creating pictures. Adults repeatedly tell me, I used to love dot-to-dots as a kid! One of the most satisfying surprises is that grown-ups enjoy the puzzles almost as much as the kids. It is also exciting to hear of the numerous ways that the books have been used for teaching and rehabilitation. The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books have won multiple awards and the puzzles can be found all over the world in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, various stores and on the Internet. I'd like to think it's because I've tried to push dot-to-dots to a new and unexpected level, striving to create a modern day dot-to-dot revolution! Read more