Book Description

In the history of the game of bridge, Edgar Kaplan stands out for his mastery of the game, his gift for analysis, and his ability for teaching the game to others. In this collection compiled by the editors of The Bridge World magazine, Edgar's legacy continues: helping players improve their scores and develop a deeper enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation of the game.Improving at bridge includes observing more intelligently, understanding the motivations of other players (even the masters), and better appreciating exhibitions of beauty and technique.Edgar's clear thinking, strong pedagogy, and effective presentation skills combine to give great advantages both at and away from the table. A leader at being able to communicate effectively with partners and getting his ideas across to others, he created one of the most popular and effective systems, whose underlying principles are recorded here.Other sections of the book include standard-setting examples of forthrightness and clarity in reporting, through which the possibility of understanding how experts reach their conclusions became accessible to all players, and demonstrations of extracting the. unusual, the intriguing, and the ironic from a deal or a session. Some of Edgar's most popular articles remind us that taking things too seriously may foreclose life's richest experiences. Read more