Book Description

From the pen of legendary raconteur Damon Runyon comes tales of a New York that Never Was But Might Have Been -- a world of smooth-talking card sharks, smiling shooters, cheerful con men and charming rogues. Featuring radio favorite John Brown as your host, Broadway, Damon Runyon Theater brings to vivid life some of the master's finest short stories. They're positively Runyonesque! Enjoy five full hours of classic radio entertainment featuring ten digitally restored and remastered episodes from 1949, and a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. EPISODES INCLUDE: Broadway Complex; Baseball Hattie; The Big Umbrella; Earthquake; The Lily of St. Pierre; Bred for Battle; So You Won't Talk; Cemetery Bait; The Melancholy Dane; The Brakeman's Daughter