Book Description

People you know, with lives you recognize -- that's Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce as THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR, radio's funny and forthright depiction of the ups and downs of everyday life. Mr. and Mrs. Piper's on-air chemistry mesh perfectly with the understated authenticity of the scripts, and bring the characters to honest life. Madeleine Pierce, Francie Myers, and Margaret Hamilton co-star in these earnest and entertaining vignettes. Here are the first 24 surviving episodes of this classic daytime favorite, created and written by Peg Lynch. Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod. Episodes Include: New Year's Resolutions 12-30-57; The Neighborhood Bully 12-31-57; The New Year's Long Distance Call 01-01-58; A Not-So-Neighborly Dispute 01-02-58; Canine Conundrums 01-03-58; Wedding Preparations 01-06-58; Home Movie Night 01-07-58; A Simple Question of Algebra 01-08-58; Did You Lock the Garage Door? 01-09-58; Mrs. Piper's New Hat 01-10-58; A Recipe For Cake 01-13-58; Sleeping in Your Guest Room 01-14-58; Waiting For the Repairman 01-15-58; Ageing Gracefully 01-16-58; Just Call and Say Hello 01-17-58; Who Borrowed Our Books? 01-21-58; Conflicting Dinner Invitations 01-22-58; Remembering the First Date 01-23-58; Explaining the Facts of Life 01-24-58; Do Married Couples Look Alike? 01-27-58; Will Betsy Be a Wallflower? 01-28-58; The Careless Driver 01-29-58; Grandma's 75th Birthday Plans 01-30-58; Ice Carnival 01-31-58