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From the Back Cover Learn to: Identify property rights Understand how covenants, easements, and public regulations can reshape property rights Make sense of how property is shared and divided up over time Recognize how property may be acquired or transferred The easy way to make sense of property law Property Law For Dummies tracks to a typical property law course and introduces you to the laws regarding real and personal property rights. It clears up confusion on such topics as covenants, easements, estates, and adverse possession. Property Law 101 ? get acquainted with what property is, how you come to own it, and the different forms of ownership Real property law rights ? discover the basic common law rights that come with ownership of land, ways that land owners can adjust those rights by private contract, and how those rights can be changed by public regulation Sharing and dividing ? find out how two or more people can share ownership of property at the same time or divide it up over time Property possession ? understand how one can acquire ownership rights by possessing moveable things and even land Property law Ps and Qs ? get the information on important property cases that are worth remembering, common mistakes law students often make in applying property law, and ten property law subjects commonly tested in bar exams Open the book and find: Plain-English definitions of legal terminology Common law rights regarding real property The nature, scope, and enforceability of private covenants that restrict an owner's rights Information on easements that give one party a non-possessory right in another party's land How governments may adjust property law rights by public regulation Recognized forms of concurrent ownership Read more About the Author Alan Romero is a professor of law and Director of the Rural Law Center at the University of Wyoming College of Law. He's been teaching Property Law and related courses at various law schools since 1998. Read more