Book Description

Written by Douglas J. Whaley, nationally recognized for his ability to clarify complex topics, this highly regarded casebook provides students and professors with a concise and accessible problem-oriented approach to consumer law. Problems and Materials on Consumer Law, Sixth Edition , skillfully illuminates the main issues of consumer law: deceptive practices, product quality, and consumer credit. The Sixth Edition covers important recent developments, including the new consumer agency Congress has established, and features new cases and problems. Among the characteristics that make this casebook a perennial favorite: The author's clear and lucid writing style makes topics manageable and understandable and engages the reader. Popular problems approach enjoyed by professors and students alike. The author is widely regarded as the master of the problem approach, and he uses straightforward, practical problems, with interesting fact patterns, to help put the consumer law statutes and regulations into context. Unique coverage of the Federal Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (regulating sale of vacation home land). Quotes for the Attorney's Arsenal--statements from famous cases that eloquently encapsulate specific points Manageable length in a concise, efficient, and effective format. Updated throughout, the Sixth Edition features: Important recent developments, including the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has mandated, and the dramatic changes that are underway including new credit card regulations. New cases New and revised problems