Book Description

Contract Law and Theory, Second Edition conveys a grasp of theory and policy that makes all of the contract rules easier to understand. By explaining and applying contract theory to a wide range of contracts cases, Eric Posner reveals not only the "what" of doctrine but also the "why" -- why one rule rather than another makes sense from a policy perspective. An understanding of what contract theory is and how it is applied will help you to understand not only Contracts, as taught in law school, but also the many areas of law in which contractual ideas operate, such as bankruptcy law, secured transactions, and corporate law.An exciting new Student Treatise from an eminent authority, Contract Law and Theory, Second Edition features:Complete coverage of contracts that includes the principal cases covered in most first-year contracts coursesA general explication of the rules of contract that begins with the simplest ideas and gradually builds in complexityA consistent emphasis on the application of theory to doctrine, through analysis of a rich selection of casesA readable and expert treatment of the role of economics in contract law Illustrative examples that point to noteworthy casesSuitability for use alongside any casebook