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Review Dies ist von Inhalt und Bedeutung her ein bemerkenswertes Werk. Professor Dr. Michael Coester, Munchen Neue Juristische Wochenschrift December 2002 A marvelous book, an ambassador for German legal culture! We should be very, very grateful for it. It is understandable that the former president of the Federal Court of Justice, Walter Odersky, wrote such an appreciative, even grateful, foreword to the book: where else does German law find a platform with such a far-reaching, international impact? Contributing to this effect is the elegant language used by the authors, the lightness and vividness of which Germans should strive for as a model. Bernhard Grossfeld German Law Journal May 2003 German tort law in English? That is the essence of this fascinating book, but it offers far more - even for the German reader. Not only the beginner, but also the advanced student will profit from this book far more than from some of the traditional explanations in German text books. Prof. Dr. Michael Coester, Munich Jura May 2003 .this treatise deserves to be brought to the attention of anyone with an interest in German law, tort law, or comparative law. It is a comprehensive treatment of the subject in very readable prose. Amber Lee Smith, LA County Law Library International Journal of Legal Information May 2003 Read more About the Author Sir Basil Markesinis,QC, LL.D. (Cantab.) DCL (Oxon) D. Iur h.c. (Ghent, Paris I (Sorbonne) and Munich), is Professor of Common and Civil Law at University College London and Jamail Regents Chair at the University of Texas at Austin. Hannes Unberath, D.Phil. (Oxon.), M.Jur. (Oxon.), is Professor of Law at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. Read more