Book Description

About the Author Johnny Peterson is a retired general practice attorney with litigation experience in family law as well as other areas of the law. The inspiration of this book came not only from the experience of an attorney representing his clients to help solve their own legal problems, but equally important from the point of view point from a person finding himself as a party to a divorce suit. After being thrown into the court system and having to play a high stakes game that he wanted nothing to do with, he felt the anguish and uncertainty that family law litigants often feel when they are forced to make difficult family law decisions. Anguish, uncertainty, and other similar emotions not only make a person miserable, they can also hinder a person's ability to play the best hand the person can play in the family law environment. That was the genesis of this book, to help men to do the best they possibly can in the family law environment by giving them the edge they need in a hostile environment. To do the best you can in anything, one must be fully educated on the subject matter, and develop realistic common sense strategies to tackle challenging endeavors. The end result of his endeavor was to create a book which is applicable to men facing family law issues in any of the 50 states. It was designed to give readers insight into the law, what to expect from the other players in the family law environment, and how to use time tested strategies to achieve the best possible results. Read more