Book Description

Elizabeth M. Schneider (Brooklyn Law School) Cheryl Hanna (Vermont Law School) and Judith G. Greenberg (New England School of Law) are joined by Emily J. Sack (Roger Williams School of Law) in this exciting new Third Edition. A new Teacher's Manual is also available. The casebook maintains its rich focus on examining domestic violence through a variety of theoretical, practical, and interdisciplinary lenses and remains the most comprehensive casebook on domestic violence. This book is widely used in law school courses and clinics on domestic violence, heavily adopted in undergraduate and graduate courses, and routinely relied upon by judges, attorneys, and other professionals who work in the field.   The Third Edition captures the continued growth in domestic violence law and expands upon both recent Supreme Court cases and International Human Rights developments, including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights’ decision in Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States. Recent developments in asylum and immigration law, as well as discussion of the impact of the Supreme Court’s latest Second Amendment decisions on domestic violence firearms laws, are also included. There is also increased focus on cyber-stalking and cyber-threats, and the emerging use of technology in domestic violence in both the civil protection order and criminal contexts. The book expands upon new areas of inquiry, including the relationship between domestic violence and women’s health, and the continued concerns about battering and the child welfare system. It also includes more integration of themes of race, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation throughout the book. The notes are rich with information, citations, and problems. The material includes excerpts from a variety of sources including fiction, amicus briefs, academic articles, practice materials, and personal narratives.