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Review ' is imperative that works of the calibre of First Do No Harm are is a valuable resource for individuals, particularly academics and postgraduate students in the disciplines of health law, medical ethics and philosophy...the chapters are of an extremely high standard, and make a valuable contribution to the literature. Bringing together such a large number of accomplished authors from a variety of disciplines and countries was an ambitious exercise, one that Professor McLean has achieved with distinction.' Journal of Law and Medicine 'In First Do No Harm, not only is the work of Professor Ken Mason celebrated, contributors have sought to take some issues in medical law further and, as such, it provides much more than a celebration of Ken Mason's innovative contribution to the discipline of ethics and medical law from its early beginnings. This is not like most festschrift texts- the expertise of the contributors brought together in this volume presents the reader with a collection of articles that functions well as an informative and insightful text book...Specialists and researchers in this field will find this a very worthwhile collection, both as a retrospective perusal of Ken Mason's influence, and as a contemporary analysis of the debates he has had an important role in shaping.' Medical Law Review 'The wide-ranging contents plus the standing of the contributors mean that the volume will be an invaluable resource for anyone studying or working in medical law or medical ethics...The collection is comprehensive, rich in argument, balanced, interesting; and, in addition to reviewing and criticizing what is, it also argues for what ought to be in the wide area of medical ethics.' Metapsychology Read more About the Author Professor McLean is the first holder of the International Bar Association Chair of Law and Ethics in Medicine at Glasgow University and is Director of the Institute of Law and Ethics in Medicine at Glasgow University. Read more