Book Description

Medical Malpractice-A Physician's Guide to Navigating the Minefield of Medical Malpractice Law is a book intended to help the health care provider better cope with the legal processes of a malpractice action. Most books written about malpractice law have been written by practicing attorneys. This book is written by a physician who is also a lawyer. Dr. Weiman maintains a full time practice as an academic Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon. He was also able to successfully navigate through law school and pass the Bar Exam for Tennessee. He brings a different and integrated perspective since he has direct experience of being sued for malpractice. He has been deposed and has testified in court both as a defendant and a medical expert witness. He is one of only a handful of practicing cardiothoracic surgeons who is also licensed to practice law. Dr. Weiman still makes his living taking care of patients with diseases of the chest, but now some of his research and teaching is in the field of health care law. As state legislatures and the United States Congress actively debate various aspects of malpractice reform, health care providers who have more knowledge of the system should be better able to participate in these legal debates. This book discusses various models for malpractice reform so that physicians and others can have an idea what may be coming in the future. This book is long past due.