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Review 'We thank you for bringing attention to this serious and growing problem.' Jane M. Orient, Executive Director, AAPS -American Association of Physicians & Surgeons.?'A book worth reading.' Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow, Health Care, Cato Institute.?'The Monster Chase explores several issues facing healthcare professionals.' Danny McCorry, Health Policy Research at The Heritage Foundation, George Town University School of Medicine.?'Great read, on both sides of the examination table..' Kevin Sirmons, Minnesota, Medical Director, NAEMSE, NREMT, AAFP. Read more About the Author About the Author: Marion A. Stahl is a Montaigne Award Finalist. She has 30 years of experience in the health care sector and conducts extensive research on the topics she writes about. She has been involved with major organizations in the medical field, such as AMWA, the American Writers Association, the AMA, AARP, the Association of CFE. She graduated with honors and contributed to many books on health care and health topics. She has received many honors for her work in the field of medicine. Read more