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From the Author I wrote the book because I could not find one book that detailed all the cosmic and universal laws. It took over thirty years to write the first edition the second edition followed a few years later with more laws. I am curious by nature and I am good at researching and collecting information. I was fascinated with the laws because I've always wondered why there was no book of instructions for humans! Religious scriptures are far too vague and complicated and full of stories that do not make sense. But here these laws when one takes the time to reflect do make perfect sense. I wanted to share this with everyone. Read more From the Inside Flap We are now in the Satya YugaHeaven on Earththe Golden AgeIt is the time to decide what you wantto seek divine guidance and the tools to achieve itWhat is possible in heaven on earth?Everything. Limitless- Miraculous. Divine.Dattatreya SivababaAn Indian GuruWhere is the golden age you might say? Believe it or not some of us humans are very busy creating this golden age while other humans stupidly are busy still creating hell on earth!?But the good will prevail!History has taught us that.?Evil never wins! Evil always is destroyed in the end! Read more See all Editorial Reviews