Book Description

From the Back Cover An essential resource for all current and future educators and policy makers, this practical guide provides vital information on historical and contemporary legal issues affecting the organization and administration of schools in the United States. Virtually every topic of concern to today?s educators is covered in an easy-to-read organization and style that?s accessible even to those with little or no knowledge of the legal issues affecting public schools. Relevant case law rulings, charts, and tables are integrated throughout to give readers concrete knowledge for operating within the boundaries of constitutional, statutory, and case law, and application exercises and case studies show how to apply specific legal knowledge to actual school issues. ? New to the Sixth Edition: ? NEW! Review of local school district policies?the connections between local policies, statutory, and case law (Ch. 1). NEW! Meditation in schools as a mental health exercise versus meditation for religious purposes (Ch. 2). NEW ! How community norms impact religious conflicts in schools (Ch, 2) NEW ! Social media, Facebook, and Twitter?the limits within which school personnel should operate as professionals (Ch. 3). NEW ! Child abuse reporting?greater guidance and clarity on teachers? obligations to report suspected cases of child abuse (Ch. 3). NEW ! Updated information on school safety based on recent tragedies in public schools?providing safer schools that foster effective teaching and learning (Ch. 4). NEW! Handling disasters and protecting student safety (Ch. 4). NEW! Rehabilitation Act Plans?guidance for school personnel in developing legally defensible plans for students covered under the Act (Ch. 5). NEW! Administrative control and bus stops?personnel authority and student safety when waiting to board school buses (Ch. 6). NEW! Digitalization and integration of student records?confidentiality and electronic transfer of student data within the legal framework of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Ch. 7). Read more About the Author Nathan L. Essex is professor of Educational Law and Leadership at the University of Memphis and President of Southwest Tennessee Community College. He received the B.S. degree in English at Alabama A&M University, the M.S. degree in Educational Administration at Jacksonville State University and the Ph.D. degree in Administration and Planning at The University of Alabama. ? He has held public school teaching and administrative positions prior to completing the doctorate.? Essex?s interests include law, educational policy and personnel administration.? He has served as consultant for more than 100 school districts and numerous educational agencies.? He served as a policy consultant with the Alabama State Department of Education for twelve years and received numerous awards in recognition of his contributions in the field of education.? He is the recipient of the Truman M. Pierce Award for Educational Leadership and outstanding contributions which advanced the direction of education in the state of Alabama, the Academic Excellence Award in recognition of professional achievement and academic excellence in the research, service, and teaching of education, Capstone College of Education Society, The University of Alabama; Teaching Excellence Award; Distinguished Service Award?Who?s Who in the State of Tennessee, The University of Memphis Distinguished Administrator of the Year 1995-96, ?Educator on the Move,? The University of Memphis; Phi Delta Kappa, the President?s award for leadership and service to the community, Youth Services, Inc.; Who?s Who in Corporate Memphis, Grace Magazine; and, President Bush?s Community Service Award, just to name a few.? Essex has published numerous articles, book chapters and newsletters on legal issues.? Many of his works appear in The Administrator?s Notebook, The Horizon, ERS Spectrum, Principal Journal, Compensation Review, The Clearinghouse, The American School Board Journal, American Management Association, Community College Review, Education and Law, and many other professional journals.? Essex has authored a law textbook entitled 200 Legal Questions for Educators which was published by Corwin.? Essex has also published a textbook for public school teachers entitled, Pocket Guide to School Law and a booklet on No Child Left Behind which was published by Allyn & Bacon.? He is highly sought by educators at all levels to share his knowledge and expertise regarding legal and policy issues that impact educational organizations. Read more