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Review Major Sullivan's investigative report included a loose end that was not noticed in the initial cover-up. He reported officially and formally that the blind folds were still on the bodies of the dead Iraqis at the make-shift morgue, and somebody had cut them at the morgue. The obvious, commonsense question raised by this fact is: 'Why would American soldiers kill blindfolded enemy combatants?' Now the brigade had a problem. The original story by LT Wehrheims soldiers that the Iraqi prisoners had cut themselves free would not stand. At this point, somebody had to be 'thrown under the bus.' It seems to be a universal principle that in such situations, the scapegoats are always the weakest and most vulnerable members of the reference group. Suddenly, the group turns on them, and transforms them into the enemy within. --Major Sullivan, Investigative Report'The message in this book is so alarming. It documents the betrayal of codes of honor and conduct and exposes campaigns of distortion and outright lying that are common in today s military. The ordinary 'grunt' is hung out to dry and sadistic commanding officers are celebrated and permitted to carry out further campaigns of murder and destruction. It also tells the tale of a few courageous lawyers, academics, and ordinary citizens, modern-day Quijotes perhaps, who are willing to resist our military s freefall into hell.' --Michael Flynn, Associate Director, Center on Terrorism, John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY'Stepan G. Mestrovic has made a career as the destroyer of myths.'In this book he destroys one of the biggest American myths of all: the myth that America treats its servicemen and women with justice, understanding and tolerance.' --Chris Rojek, Professor of Sociology & Culture, Brunel University, West London Read more About the Author Prof. Mestrovic has been teaching at Texas A&M since 1991. He holds a Ph.D. from Syracuse University, and three masters degrees from Harvard University. He is the author of 15 books and numerous articles. His particular areas of interest include Abu Ghraib, culture, and race and ethnic studies in the Balkans.He has testified as an expert witness at The Hague and at Fort Hood. He wrote The Trials of Abu Ghraib: An Expert Witness Account of Shame and Honor (2007) as well as two books wiith Algora Publishing. Read more