Book Description

This is a Newly Revised Edition of the California Family Law Handbook for Paralegals. It includes the same chapters presented in a different order and some additional information. The First Edition was endorsed by two California Superior Court Judges, the Hon. S. D. Huguenor (retired) and Hon. C. K. Goldsmith (retired). Both judges agreed that the First Edition was easy to read, well organized and interesting. This Newly Revised Edition is even better because it will make drafting syllabi and preparing lectures even quicker; it contains more charts for those who like information presented visually; and a special chapter on paralegal ethics has been added that includes the Rules of Professional Responsibility. This Newly Revised Edition is a must for any family law firm or anyone who wants to learn about family law. An Instructor's Manual is in the process of being published. It contains syllabi for 10, 12 and 15 week courses and a substantial testbank.